Confidential Records:  Overwrite

Confidential Records is a series of fictitious works the artist has been researching and working on since 2016. It consisted of three phases so far, Dual Metropolitans (2018), Execution (2019) and Overwrite (2020).

“The newly commissioned work for this exhibition, Overwrite, takes the form of a multimedia walk. Kook has been an avid reader of detective novels since she was young. Similar to a detective mystery, the walk is guided by an AI character that has defected to the side of humanity, taking the audience through a narrative out of the exhibition space into the streets nearby to pursue a series of clues that interrogate the ideological transformations enforced by the AI authority. The work explores the nature of memory, particularly the imminent danger of memory being used as data, as well as critiquing the ways authoritarianism erases memories and takes over historical narratives. Confidential Records: Overwrite presents multilayered juxtapositions and tensions, the virtual and the real, the emotional and the rational, as well as the relationship between the individual and authoritarianism. These are both part of Kook’s imagination of the future, as well as reflections of our current times, forcing us to confront reality as it is and as it might become.”

Curatorial Statement from exhibition Confidential Records:Overwrite by Celia Ho

Installation Shots in Para Site, Hong Kong, Photo credit Yi Yi Lily Chan